If you take a moment to observe all around, you'll see everyone engaged with various forms of digital content through mobile devices, tablets, or laptops. Some are tuned into their favorite podcast or music, while others are engrossed in the latest Instagram reels or TikTok trends. Meanwhile, there are those diving into the depths of YouTube and others voraciously devouring articles on Google. 

What's the common thread running through all of this? It's what we collectively term 'CONTENT.' 

Around 5.19 billion people in this world are internet users, as per a July 2023 report.

If you're running a business that lacks high online visibility, this is an ideal time to put some extra focus on content marketing. Many people misjudge content marketing as a tool for business-specific information only. But, in reality, it's about crafting a narrative that captivates, informs, and ultimately influences your target audience.  

Many businesses have been using this technique for years, but they still await signs of improvement in their online visibility. So, where do the problems lie? 

The primary problem is the inability to create unique content that grabs your target audience's attention at the first moment. So, you require secret ingredients (expert tips) to transform ordinary information into compelling content. 

So, without further ado, let's share some expert content marketing tips crafted by experienced and talented SEO professionals at SavClicks to take your business to new heights. 

Tip #1: Understand Your Target Demographic

understand your target audience

Before making any content marketing strategies, it is essential to understand your target audience. How can you even serve the dish without knowing the taste preferences of the people to whom you're serving?

So, firstly, know your audience and target demographic. After getting all the necessary insights, create engaging content for your target audience.

Best Tool to Find Your Target Audience: 

But the real challenge is how to find your target audience. It's not that difficult; you can consider Google Analytics, a powerful tool in SEO. Through Google Analytics, you can understand who your audience is, what they're interested in, and how they interact with your website.

To do so, you've to perform some steps: 

Step #1: Post 20-25 engaging and compelling blog posts on your website.   

Step #2: Create your Google Analytics account and complete all steps of this process.

Step #3: After logging in to your account, go to the audience section.

Step #4: Click on 'demographics' to access information about your target audience. 

Tip #2: Setting a Well-Defined Goal Behind Every Blog Post 

Many businesses must remember their primary goal and motive behind each blog post. It is necessary to set up a well-defined aim before publishing any content. Either you've published content to stabilize rankings of some keywords or make your target audience informed of your latest product or services. 

Keep in mind through all this that your content should always be dedicated and speak to your target audience. From topic selection to titles, write what your audience wants. 

Tip #3: Examine Your Competitors

Many companies use the digital world to implement their content marketing efforts to improve their online visibility. So, don't live in a bubble where you're the only one using content to get new lead generation peaks. In simple words, the current digital landscape is very competitive. 

Therefore, it is best to have an eye on your competitors. 

If you do not know your competitors, consider SEMrush to do so. 

Let's come back to the topic. Examine what type of content your competitors are publishing. Or what topics are becoming their crucial focus, and which pieces of content are ranking best on their website and gaining the most traffic.

See what they've done well, and do it 10x better.

Tip #4: Necessity of Unique Content 

What can make your content go viral? An original and un-plagiarized piece of content! Yes, to some extent, it can. However, crafting unique content can completely change the game. You can check competitors to take inspiration for content ideas, but remember that your final product must be something unique or never done before.

To make this possible, you can also consider the help of various AI tools such as ChatGPT or Google Bard. 

Tip #5: Using Elements to Make Your Content Attractive

attractive content

Imagine there are two articles on your desktop, one where content is written without any paragraphs, formatting, or additional elements, but this content is really detailed, while the other article is partially detailed with excellent sections, styling, and elements. 

Now, after reading both articles, which article will develop a sense of excitement in you?

Most probably, the second one since it has proper styling and elements. Now, imagine the results when your content will also be of high quality and contain appropriate elements & styling. Now that's a great piece of content. 

Therefore, add the below-elements to make your content look attractive. 

   • Videos
   • Images, Infographics, and Screenshots 
   • Chart, Graphs, and Recent Data Related to the Topic 
   • FAQs 
   • Polls and Some Fun Mystery Boxes 

Tip #6: Crafting Content on Multiple Channels 

Like in real life, in a digital world, too, don't put all your eggs in one basket. It is highly recommended to create original content on multiple channels. Don't believe content marketing is only about guest posting or blog posting. You can consider various social media platforms and channels to upload your original content. 

Besides blog posting, consider video marketing or audio marketing as another way to boost your brand's online visibility. Consider uploading video or image format content on popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. Influencer marketing is another excellent way of getting your brand out there. Since influencer culture and its impact on the general public is at its peak, collaborate with industry-specific influencers to promote your content and gain some crazy results in the process!

Tip #7: Repurposing Your Content 

There's no need to explain how dynamic this digital landscape is. Besides publishing high-quality content, the efficiency of your content also matters. 

Suppose you've written a blog post regarding some trendy topic.

And now, you urgently need another piece of content for audio submission on the same topic. Instead of writing another whole new one, try to repurpose your content. Change blog post into audio submission by cutting off deep information and some points. This way, you can efficiently fulfill your content requirements. 

Tip #8: Remarketing Your Content

You must be wondering, "Just a few moments ago, we got to know about repurposing your content; now, what is this remarketing your content?" There's nothing to worry about; it's very easy to understand. 

Understand this by having a look at the word 'REMARKETING.' What does 'remarketing' mean? 

Doing marketing for already published or existing content.

Suppose you published a blog post a few weeks ago with the title:

7 Best Kids Activities to Do During Christmas

Since you've published a blog in a month where summer is still going, a deficient number of visitors may have checked your content. The reason is apparent: a Christmas-related blog but wrong timing. You can transform this flop blog post into a hit by performing some remarketing techniques at the right time. Like, after Halloween, people start making preparations for Christmas. So, consider remarketing your content during the same time to make things work. 

Tip #9: Monitoring Content Performance Data

Creating high-quality and engaging content is an effective way to do content marketing right. But this may also result in a void if you're mindlessly writing original content without analyzing content performance. So, consider monitoring and tracking your content performance daily. By doing so, you can get appropriate information about what is working in your favor. And which type of content is responsible for huge traffic numbers.

For example, you have a jewelry brand, and by monitoring content performance, you've got details that your festival-related blog posts are generating a wild conversion rate as compared to a comprehensive material-specific one. So, it would be best if you focused on incorporating upcoming festivals and events in your future blog posts. 

To have a thorough look at your content performance, you can consider these tools: 

   • SEMrush 
   • Google Trends
   • Google Search Console 
   • Ahrefs 
   • Moz 

Content Marketing is not a Campaign; it's a Commitment

In an information-saturated digital landscape, businesses need to stand out by becoming a trusted source of knowledge and inspiration. And the best way to do so is content marketing. This effective approach to content marketing not only fosters brand loyalty & affinity but also helps to elevate your online visibility.

Unlike traditional advertising campaigns that have start and end dates, content marketing is the complete opposite. Content marketing is a long, ongoing strategy that requires consistently crafting relevant and unique content. This commitment extends beyond immediate gains and develops a strong bond between the brand and its target audience.  

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