Are you eager to share engaging content through guest posts and reach a wider online audience? Whether you're a seasoned writer looking to expand your reach or a business aiming to boost online visibility, you've likely asked: "How do I effectively share my guest posts with a broader audience?" The answer is simple yet crucial: consider influential editors and websites to share your content on their platforms. But it's not as straightforward as it seems. You'll need to craft compelling guest post pitches, the key to expanding your content's reach.

Hearing the word 'Guest Post Pitches' for the first time? That's okay. We'll guide you from A to Z on everything guest posting pitches. In this blog post, we'll guide you throughout this journey, introducing you to creating attention-grabbing pitches and sharing expert tips to make your pitches irresistible to editors.

Understanding Guest Posting Pitches

It's not that tough to understand guest post pitches. What does "Pitch" mean? A proposal, persuasive message, or when you try to convince someone to do something. For instance, you watched 'Barbie' last weekend and liked it so much & now you're convincing your best friend to do the same. That's what we call pitching.

In freelance writing, a guest posting pitch refers to a proposal that a writer or business representative sends to an editor, website owner, or publication. The main aim behind this proposal is to convince that particular editor to accept the submission and publish the guest author's content.

How to Create Attention-Grabbing Guest Post Pitch? – Expert Tips

You must be keen to create a well-organized guest post pitch so that, when any editor reads it, they start singing, 'I'm ready for it.' We will discuss five steps to help you create a compelling guest post pitch.

Step #1: Choose Your Target Website

target website for outreach
Target website for outreach

Your business-oriented mind must be thinking of sending guest post pitches to multiple or numerous websites, but this technique won't work here. You must choose your target website per your content style, topic, and target audience.

For instance, you've written an informative guest post on the latest trends in the music industry. And now, you're sending a proposal to a website targeting political issues. Ask yourself if it'll work or not. Of course, it won't work. Neither will your content reach the target audience interested in the music industry, nor will you be able to build good relations with the website owner.

Pro Tips

Your art will be published, but with no success. Therefore, the question arises: How do you choose an ideal target website?

⦁ Choose a website with a similar target audience as yours. If you've written HVAC-related content, go for a target website that is particularly famous for this.

⦁ Check the Domain Authority and Traffic of your target website to ensure your content will reach a wider audience.

Before writing a guest post pitch, check if everything about the target website is essential. Therefore, understand their guidelines, engagement rate, content quality, and more to make it clear that your target website is the right option.

Step #2: Choose a Relevant Topic

Choose a relevant topic
Choose a relevant topic

Can you answer one question, 'What makes your content shine out of everyone? Format, style! Or title! Yes, these factors also matter, but the topic of your content is the foundation on which everything is built. Write a relevant topic in your guest post pitch, yet hardly any detailed material is dedicated to it. The topic must be engaging, sensible, never-ever done before, and most importantly, align with the website's niche.

Pro Tips:

⦁ Check previously published content on the website to avoid mentioning topics in guest post pitches on the same topic discussed before. Therefore, choose a topic where the website's content may be lacking.

⦁ Choose a topic that aligns with the website's values and goals. Yes, it should be unique, but it is also mandatory that your topic may complement existing content.

Step #3: Craft an Engaging Subject Line

There's no denying 'Don't judge a book by the cover'; however, it may sound a bit controversial that, sometimes, the book's cover ignites some sort of anticipation, thrill, and excitement among readers. In the same context, craft a highly engaged, unique, and eye-grabbing subject line in your guest posting pitch. The moment the website owner reads it, they want to read more!

Pro Tips:

⦁ The subject lines must be concise yet impactful. Write subject lines under 50 characters, enabling the excitement to the point.

⦁ To catch extra attention, add numbers or use words like 'Urgent' & 'Limited Time' to create a sense of urgency. For example, '9 Proven Expert Tips to Boost Online Visibility'.

⦁ You can also pose a compelling question to address a pain point. For example, 'Are you making these common branding mistakes?

Step #4: Personalize Your Introduction

The best way to build a business relationship is by including a friendly and concise introduction. An introduction not only has to be formal and respectful but also straightforward. If possible, try to address the recipient by name. This will help to convince the recipient that you have researched deeply to get basic information about their website.

Pro Tips:

⦁ Introduce your expertise and qualifications to make the target website believe you deserve a post. Moreover, add links to your previous work and sample articles to accelerate your chances of having your pitch accepted.

⦁ What better way to pitch someone than to acknowledge their previous work? Complement their expertise and recent articles they've published.

⦁ Avoid sending the same introduction to every recipient. Customize your introduction as per different recipient and their websites.

Step #5: Highlight Your Unique Angle

Now is the time to write the body of the guest posting pitch. In the body, explain your proposed article concisely. Include points to outline your article's main ideas, perspectives, and insights. Moreover, you can also write top keywords on that article that has high traffic, benefitting both sides. You may also consider including any referenced material.

Pro Tips:

Avoid writing big paragraphs. Many writers lose their chance to send a successful guest posting pitch due to writing big paragraphs in the body. No background or starting lines; straight to the point. Include different headings to ensure the pitch is eye-grabbing and easy to read, and structed properly.

Step #6: Give The Finishing Touch

It's time to put some finishing touches on your guest posting pitch. Check whether your whole proposal is in an organized structured format or not. Add headings-subheadings to explain your points straightforwardly. Include a little personalized thank you at the end to make the recipient believe you're eager to work with them.

Pro Tips:

⦁ Check your content on 'Grammarly' or other grammar-checking platforms.

⦁ Go through the whole guest posting pitch  after completion to ensure whether any mistakes are there or not.

⦁ Make sure the pitch is in a well-organized manner

Effective Pitch Mails: Examples, Do's, and Don'ts

Effective pitch mails
Effective Pitch Mails

To give you a better idea of crafting compelling guest post pitch emails, here are a few examples to discuss.

We'll tell your Do's and Don'ts in writing an effective guest posting pitch by comparing two versions of pitch mails.

Example No. 1:

example 1

Example No. 2:

example 2

Dos and Don'ts in Writing Perfect Guest Posting Pitch

Do's (in context to Example No. 1)

Personalization: The pitch includes the name of the recipient and the website specifically.

Introduction: An introduction is concise yet makes a significant impact on the reader

Topic: The proposed topic is relevant, and the pitch includes an outline for a guest post.

Previous work: Links to previous work are given in the pitch as a sample.

Commitment: A pitch includes a specific word count and a timeline for delivering content, showing superior commitment.

CTA: At the end, it includes a call to action, allowing the recipient to contact.

Don'ts (in context to Example No.2)

Lack of personalization: A pitch contains a complete lack of personalization, no greetings, no recipient's name or link to their website.

Informality: Writing a pitch in mild, friendly language is acceptable, but an unprofessional tone in this pitch lowers your chance of accepting a proposal in every way.

Vague Topic: This lacks an absence of well-organized topic or outline.

No writing samples: The proposed pitch includes no writing samples or links to published content.

Absence of Value Proposition: A pitch lacks a whole explanation of why the topic mentioned is relevant or beneficial.

Weak Call to Action: This pitch includes such a lame call to action with no contact information.

How Well-Researched Pitches Impact Your Acceptance Rates?

A well-researched pitch accelerates your chances of getting a deal done with the target website and helps you build a long-lasting relationship with it. What more? It will reflect professionalism in your work, allowing you to establish credibility as a knowledgeable contributor.

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