Hey there, savvy content creators and marketing mavericks! In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, thinking outside the box can be the key to success. While guest blogging on industry-specific platforms is a well-established strategy, there are many less explored platforms or niches where you can consider guest blogging.

No doubt, industry blogs are great, but why not spread our wings a bit wider beyond standard industry blogs? Imagine reaching new horizons, engaging with unexpected audiences, and forging connections in places you never thought possible by guest blogging on unconventional websites. It's time to break free from the ordinary and venture into the extraordinary.

Let's discuss exciting guest blogging avenues other than those same old standard industry blogs that offer unique opportunities to reach a different audience and establish authority in diverse fields. Buckle up! Folks, it's time to supercharge your content marketing strategy!

Difference B/W Unconventional Guest Blogging Opportunities and Standard-Industry Blogs

We know by looking at a title, you must have these questions in mind,

"What are these diverse avenues?" Or "What's the difference between unconventional guest blogging opportunities and standard industry blogs? "

So, before telling you new information, let's clear your mind.

Understanding Standard-Industry Blogs

Standard-industry blogs are widely recognized platforms or websites that particularly focus on a specific sector or field in an industry. Understand these by examples: TechCrunch is a popular online platform that only covers content related to the technology sector. Also, we've KevinMD, which only features content in the healthcare field. Coming back to the topic, many businesses consider seeking permission from these websites to post an article or any content as a guest. However, there is a condition: your guest posting content must feature content only related to the website's target sector. For example, you're choosing TechnoCrush as your guest posting website. First, you should verify whether your guest post is related to the technology field. If it is, then it may be possible to do guest posting on it.

How Unconventional Guest Blogging Opportunities Differ from Standard Industry Blogs

What does 'unconventional' mean? Typically, it is a departure from the customary or traditional approaches. In the same way, unconventional guest blogging opportunities refer to unique and innovative ways to do guest posting by conforming to traditional ways (standard industry blogs).

There's no denying that standard industry platforms are effective guest posting sources. However, strict editorial guidelines of standard industry blogs take away your content's authenticity and creativity. Moreover, many popular industry-specific platforms charge a fee to upload other businesses' content for guest blogging.

If you want to expand your reach through guest blogging in a way that does not hinder your creative liberty or bank balance, why not consider diverse platforms with versatile audiences who'll accept your content without making any edits?

A Spectrum of Unconventional Guest Blogging Opportunities: Diverse Options to Consider

Guest Blogging differ from Industry blogs
Guest Blogging differ from Industry blogs

Since you understand the meaning of unconventional guest blogging platforms and their core significance, let's discuss the top, diverse guest blogging opportunities you can grab.

Niche Forums and Communities

What are forums? Forums are platforms where users can ask questions, engage, and debate on various topics. As a business representative, you can also participate in forums to reach your target audience. Besides forums, attend. They will consume your content on a particular field correctly and more personally.

Podcasts and Webinars

Many people don't have time to read any out-of-the-work content in today's digital world. Look around; you'll see numerous individuals with an earphone. Have you ever wondered what they may be listening to apart from music?

Podcasts. Yes, PODCASTS (in capital letters). Accept an invitation to be a guest speaker on relevant podcasts or webinars. Talk about your business, expertise, and various issues on one topic to reach a wider audience. This will also help you to establish a strong bond with the younger generation, who primarily listens to podcasts.

Professional Associations

Instead of being a 'Cash Cow' to a standard-industry platform, prefer to contribute guest articles to professional organizations' newsletters or websites. This helps you reach a network of like-minded professionals. In the newsletter, you can write about your field's latest trends or news. For example, if you run a music-oriented business, contribute a newsletter with spicy and eye-catching headlines in the music industry.

Online Magazines and Publications

No doubt, printed magazines have seen a rapid decline with technological advancements, but the situation is a little different for online publications. Online magazines still excite people with their monthly issues. So, seek out non-industry-specific online magazines or publications that accept guest contributions. These platforms often have diverse audiences.

Educational Institutions

A younger audience is one of the most targeted groups in any field. Whether fashion or technology, you'll get every type of audience with diverse interests. Therefore, collaborate with universities or educational websites to provide valuable content about your expertise. Not only this way, you can expand your reach but gain a genuine loyal fanbase for your content.

Non-Profit Organizations

Investigate any field; you'll see numerous non-profit organizations with massive audiences. Therefore, get out of your shell and step forward to write for non-profit organizations that align with your industry or values, demonstrating your commitment to social impact. In this way, not only can you gain a new audience, but also contribute to the positive branding of your business.

Top Diverse and Unconventional Platforms for Guest Blogging

Unconventional Platforms for Guest Blogging
Unconventional Platforms for Guest Blogging

In a digital landscape, the business world is finally turning its heads toward diverse and unconventional platforms for making guest blogging viral. Here are top platforms with a diverse audience, allowing you to expand your reach.


It is an online platform with a diverse audience where you can post guest posts without any hurdles. There is no need to get approval or pay a fee for guest posting. You just need original content to post on Medium as a guest.


You must have known this popular platform. LinkedIn is a platform where you can share your views on any topic. While sharing your views, you can add a link to a guest post (written on the same topic you're expressing views) in your post. If your post gets a good number of views, there's a possibility the traffic on your guest will also increase.


It is like a question-and-answer forum where experts share their knowledge. You can answer any question related to your field to make your content viral. On Quora, you can promote your guest posting by adding a link to an answer. The people who will read your answer may click on the link to gain in-depth knowledge through guest posts about the topic.


Like Quora, Reddit is also a diverse platform for guest blogging. You can promote guest posts by adding their link in a same-topic-based answer.

YouTube Video Descriptions

Who doesn't use YouTube? Probably, someone is hiding under a rock. YouTube is the most popular social media platform, consumed by millions of people. Besides being a top social media platform, it can also be a conventional guest blogging platform. If you frequently post any type of video content on YouTube, consider writing comprehensive descriptions related to your content. Therefore, this can help your videos get discovered by a broader audience.

Guest Expert on Podcasts, Webinars, and Video: Benefits

You must be wondering, we've written over a thousand words on introducing you to unconventional guest blogging opportunities, now what exactly are the benefits of being a guest post expert on podcasts, webinars, and videos.

Expanded Reach: By being a guest expert, you can introduce yourself and your business to a new audience, particularly the host's existing followers and subscribers.

Establish Authority: The primary advantage of being a guest expert on platforms like podcasts or webinars is establishing yourself as a supreme leader within your niche.

Networking Opportunities: What matters most in any industry? Networking. There are no arguments about whether you're deserved or not; what matters is your networking. Therefore, by being a guest expert on these platforms, you can gain networking countless networking opportunities.

Improved SEO: As you promote your business on these platforms, your business's online visibility will also skyrocket.

3 Expert Strategies for Leveraging Guest Posting on Unconventional Platforms

Strategies for Leveraging Guest
Strategies for Leveraging Guest

Leveraging guest posting on unconventional platforms is a highly effective technique to boost your online presence and reach a new audience. So, follow these expert strategies to implement this technique correctly.

Strategic Targeting and Research

Quality Content Creation: Start by reaching an unconventional guest posting platform that caters to your niche. Then, research to understand the demographics, interests, and pain points to craft a well-informed guest post.

Quality Content Creation

What makes any guest post a quality creation? It must have a fresh topic, a stylish format, and unique insights. Avoid writing AI content, as it negatively affects your brand and its Google rankings.

Engagement and Promotion

If quality content is delivered, it's important to engage with the audience to make it relevant for a longer period of time. Answer questions to your audience's questions in comments or discussion forums. Moreover, promote them on social media platforms to make more and more people read your content.

3 Remarkable Success Stories from Unconventional Guest Blogging Journeys

There are many individuals who have walked through the stairs of success to fulfill their dreams with the help of unconventional guest blogging opportunities.

STORY NO.1: Ryan Holiday - Guest Blogging on Tim Ferriss's Blog

Ryan Holiday, a renowned author and marketer, gained early recognition by guest blogging on Tim Ferris's Blog. Holiday wrote guest posts on Ferris's blog, which led him to gain a reputable name in the marketing industry. Moreover, resulted in the success of his books, including "The Obstacle Is the Way".

STORY NO.2: Ramit Sethi: Guest Posting on Lifehacker

You must have heard the name 'Ramit Sethi.' The one who wrote, 'I Will Teach You to be Rich'. Ramit gained significant visibility by guest posting on Lifehacker.

STORY NO.3: Brian Dean: Guest Posting on Moz

If you're from the SEO profession, you must know of Brain Dean. He is a well-known SEO expert and founder of Backlinko. Brian also started his career by guest posting on reputable SEO websites like Moz.

Wrapping Up

As digital marketing is constantly evolving, staying ahead in the race is important. While the industry-specific blogs have their benefits, unconventional guest blogging opens up new horizons and audiences, ensuring your strength in unexpected fields. The difference between the conventional and unconventional guest blogging lies in the freedom to express your creativity and the opportunities to a reach broader audience without editorial guidelines or fees.

SavClicks offers a comprehensive suite of services, including branding, SEO, web design, and development. What sets us apart is our exceptional guest posting service, which complements our holistic approach to enhancing online visibility. By leveraging SavClicks' expertise in guest blogging, you can supercharge your content marketing strategy and expand your reach across diverse and unconventional platforms. Just as notable industry leaders like Ryan Holiday, Ramit Sethi, and Brian Dean have paved their way to success through unconventional guest blogging, SavClicks can help you forge a unique path to digital prominence.

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