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Fruit Me Up MTL



Fruit Me up MTL made a strategic shift towards emphasizing organic search results. Frustrated by the escalating costs of paid advertising, they recognized the untapped potential of organic channels. Their primary objective revolved around showcasing their tempting weekly fruit baskets and exquisite fruit platters through organic avenues. However, the intricacies of delving into the realm of organic promotion appeared daunting, and it was entirely reasonable for them to feel overwhelmed. Seeking a solution, they turned to us to orchestrate a comprehensive strategy aimed at enhancing their Google rankings.

The Problem

Fruit Me Up knew that they wanted to rank higher in organic search results, but did not know how. They were fed up of spending countless dollars on paid advertising, just to see minimal results. They also were not getting the traffic they desired through the traffic avenues they were taking advantage of. Social media and paid ads weren't cutting it. They needed help getting traffic organically, and getting more sales - which is why we took over!

Little to no organic traffic

Paid ads + social media weren't bringing in enough traffic

Needed more sales to keep expanding the business

The Solution

We set out on a journey to improve their SEO rankings. We decided to do the following SEO tasks to their site in order to improve rankings and raise visibility to their website, organically. We did a full competitor analysis to see what his top competitors were doing, and which KWs they were targeting. We then did our own KW analysis on their niche, and from that created a KW roadmap. We performed a Website audit and fixed any issues they were having with their site (technical seo, and page speed). We updated all their on page SEO so that it was fully optimized (meta tags/descriptions, sitemap, links, image optimization, headings, url, etc). Finally, we began working on OFF page SEO to start gaining some high quality links.

Perform a competitor analysis and CRO analysis of current website

KW research and KW mapping

On page, Off page, Technical SEO all done in phases

The Result

The results were quite astonishing, and quite frankly, very quick to occur.

They were able to earn a massive contract that consisted of weekly platters being delivered to a big firm. They also received multiple contracts to deliver platters for events like weddings and birthdays.

As for their baskets, they doubled their weekly baskets in less than 2 months.

And as of the writing of this case study, their new #1 source of traffic to their site is... you guessed it - organic search.

A job well done.


pic of organic search traffic #1
organic search ranked first

Landed a huge weekly fruit platter contract + multiple wedding caterings

Doubled fruit basket clientel

Organic traffic is now top traffic source for their website.

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