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MJ Custom Exteriors



We learned a lot working with MJ Custom Exteriors. They needed the platinum branding package, which really gave us a chance to show who we were and execute on exactly what they needed.

The Problem

MJ Custom Exteriors pride their selves on their up to date installation methods and being a professionally experienced crew, who pays attention to detail when they work. Their old branding did not reflect that whatsoever. Their old logo had no juice, they did not have a brand identity lined out and there was no clear company vision. They needed a complete branding revamp, so we were brought in to help.

mj customs exterior values

Old logo had no juice.

No clear company vision.

They had zero brand identity.

The Solution

We began with the logo. We designed something that portrayed the professionality behind MJ Custom Exteriors. The Gold font really stood out, and the Jade Green complimentary color was the perfect partner.

We were able to demonstrate a lot of power behind the logo, without making it over complex. You can see the entire process behind the logo creation in the branding book we made for MJ Custom Exteriors.

We decided on "Helvetica Neue LT" as their font, as it is a sleek and persuasive font, used by many.

For colors, as we mentioned earlier , we went with a strong Gold and Jade Green.

We sat with them and were able to uncover a true meaning behind their business - their WHY. With their collaboration we were able to create their values, mission, tone of voice, brand message and more.

Finally, we created some mock stationary, vehicle wrap, merch and a trade show tent - as well as a branding booklet which you can find here.

typography and colors mj custom

Created a new and improved, powerful logo using colors Gold & Green.

In collaboration with them we defined their WHY.

Designed stationary, vehicle wrap, merch and a trade tent.

The Result

It is safe to say that MJ Custom Exteriors was ecstatic with the final result. We were able to OVER deliver on everything that was asked of us, and we learned a lot in the process. This was the branding revamp and kickstart they were looking for, their business now had a purpose.

full stationary mj customs

Over delivered on our promise.

They were ecstatic with the final results.

Their business now had a purpose.

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