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Fruit Me Up MTL

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Fruit Me Up MTL, a fruit and vegetable distributor in Montreal, partnered with us for a complete marketing overhaul. We revamped their website with a fresh, user-friendly design and implemented targeted lead generation and SEO strategies to boost their online presence. Additionally, we managed their online reputation and created a new logo and branding to better reflect their vibrant business.

The comprehensive approach resulted in increased web traffic, more leads, and a stronger brand identity. Fruit Me Up MTL now stands out in the competitive market, attracting more clients and showcasing their commitment to quality produce.

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Client Objective

Fruit Me Up MTL aimed to enhance their online presence, attract more clients, and improve brand identity.

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We provided web design, lead generation, SEO, reputation management, and rebranding services.

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Fruit Me Up MTL saw increased web traffic, more leads, and a stronger brand identity, boosting their market presence.


Working with Fruit Me Up MTL presented some unique challenges. The fruit and vegetable distribution industry isn't typically known for exciting visuals, so we had to create a fun and engaging image for their brand. Designing a fresh, appealing website and a vibrant logo that stood out was key. Another challenge was crafting compelling content for their lead generation and SEO campaigns to attract more clients.

Managing their online reputation also required a strategic approach to highlight their commitment to quality. Despite these hurdles, our creative efforts paid off, making Fruit Me Up MTL a standout in their industry.

Interesting Takeaways

The Fruit Me Up MTL project highlighted the transformative power of a complete marketing overhaul. One key takeaway is that a cohesive strategy across web design, SEO, lead generation, and branding can significantly elevate a business's presence. When we took control of every aspect of their marketing, we ensured consistency and quality, which helped build a strong brand identity.

This project showed us how even industries with less flashy visuals could stand out with creative efforts. The success Fruit Me Up MTL experienced proves that a comprehensive approach can attract more clients, boost online traffic, and solidify market positioning.


The results for Fruit Me Up MTL were amazing. Our full marketing overhaul worked wonders. Their new website was a hit, attracting tons of visitors. The SEO and lead generation campaigns brought in more clients than ever before. Their brand-new logo and fun, vibrant branding gave them a fresh look that stood out in the market. We also managed their online reputation, ensuring they were seen as a reliable and quality distributor.

Overall, they saw a huge boost in web traffic, client inquiries, and brand recognition. It was proof that a complete marketing strategy can make a big difference.

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Fruit Me Up MTL

We would like to take the time and thank the team at SavClicks for helping us bring our vision to life. They helped and guided us throughout the whole process. They made us feel comfortable and I cannot thank them enough! I would definitely recommend!!

Joseph Cicero
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