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Groupe Project Reno, a leading home remodeler in East Montreal, partnered with us for a comprehensive digital overhaul. We designed a sleek, user-friendly website, implemented robust SEO strategies, and launched targeted lead generation campaigns.

These efforts significantly boosted their online visibility and attracted a surge of high-quality leads. As a result, Groupe Project Reno experienced increased customer inquiries and secured more remodeling projects, solidifying their presence in the competitive home renovation market.

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Client Objective

Groupe Project Reno wanted to enhance their online presence, attract more high-quality leads, and secure additional remodeling projects.

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We created a new website, optimized their SEO, and launched targeted lead generation campaigns.

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Groupe Project Reno saw increased visibility, a surge in high-quality leads, and more customer inquiries, leading to more remodeling projects.


Working with Groupe Project Reno came with its set of challenges. First, their old website was outdated and didn’t reflect their expertise, so we needed to build a new site that showcased their work beautifully. SEO was another hurdle since the home remodeling market in East Montreal is fiercely competitive. We had to dig deep into keyword research and constantly tweak our strategies to get them noticed. Generating leads was tricky too, as we had to create compelling ads that stood out to homeowners in a crowded digital space.

Despite these challenges, we pushed through to achieve great results.

Interesting Takeaways

A major takeaway is the importance of a modern, appealing website. An outdated site can hinder even the best businesses. By revamping Groupe Project Reno's website, we significantly enhanced their online presence and showcased their work effectively. Thorough and ongoing keyword research is vital in a competitive market, with consistent optimization needed for high search rankings.

Well-crafted, targeted lead generation campaigns greatly increase inquiries and leads. Despite initial challenges and tough competition, our continuous efforts and strategic adjustments led to significant improvements in visibility and lead generation for Groupe Project Reno.


The results of our work with Groupe Project Reno were impressive.

The new website not only looked fantastic but also significantly improved user experience, leading to a 40% increase in site visits.

Our targeted SEO strategies boosted their search engine rankings, making them one of the top home remodelers in East Montreal.

The lead generation campaigns were highly successful, generating over 150+ high-quality leads within the first three months. This surge in visibility and customer inquiries translated to a 35% increase in booked remodeling projects.

Overall, Groupe Project Reno experienced substantial growth and strengthened their position in the market.

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Groupe Project Reno

Working with SavClicks has been nothing short of a fantastic experience. We have been working together for over 1.5 years now, and I have no reason to believe we won't be working together for many more years to come!

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