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Meet GP Move, Montreal’s favorite moving company! Whether you’re shifting a single couch or your entire house, GP Move makes every relocation a breeze. With their fleet of reliable trucks and a team of friendly movers, they handle each job with care and a smile. But even the best moving company needs to stay ahead in the digital age, and that’s where we came in.

GP Move needed a way to stand out in the bustling city of Montreal and attract more clients online. They turned to us for a boost in their SEO and Facebook Lead Generation. They wanted to rank higher on search engines so people looking for top-notch moving services would find them first. Plus, they were eager to generate more leads through targeted Facebook ads, ensuring their trucks stayed busy and their customers happy.

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Client Objective

GP Move aimed to enhance online visibility and generate more leads to increase their customer base in Montreal.

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We implemented SEO strategies and targeted Facebook ads to improve search rankings and attract potential clients.

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GP Move saw a significant boost in website traffic and a notable increase in qualified leads, leading to higher bookings.


Working with GP Move had its share of challenges. The moving industry in Montreal is a crowded field, with many companies vying for attention. We had to dig deep into keyword research and fine-tune our SEO to get GP Move noticed. Creating Facebook ads that didn’t get lost in the sea of social media posts was another hurdle. We crafted engaging ad copy and eye-catching visuals to capture potential clients' interest. Lastly, tracking the campaign performance to ensure we were attracting quality leads, not just traffic, kept us on our toes. Despite these challenges, we were determined to make GP Move shine online!

Interesting Takeaways

From the GP Move project, we learned several key lessons. Keyword precision is crucial in a competitive market like moving services, as well-researched keywords can significantly boost search engine rankings. Creative and visually appealing Facebook ads stand out and generate quality leads. Consistent optimization of SEO strategies is essential for sustained visibility and top rankings. Focusing on attracting high-quality leads rather than just increasing traffic leads to better conversion rates and higher client satisfaction. Lastly, constantly monitoring and analyzing campaign performance helps in making informed adjustments for optimal results.


Our efforts with GP Move yielded impressive results. We ranked for several important keywords and ranked at the top of their local area within Google Maps. Their website traffic increased by 50%, and they achieved top rankings on search engines for key moving-related terms in Montreal and Greater Montreal Area. The Facebook lead generation campaign successfully attracted over 200+ qualified leads in the first three months, resulting in a 30% increase in bookings during busy season. Overall, GP Move experienced a significant boost in online visibility and customer inquiries, solidifying their position as a leading moving company in Montreal.

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GP Move

SEO seemed like such a daunting task. I spent countless hours trying to teach myself while working full time with my own clients. Finally i decided to reach out to a company I was referred to by a friend of mine. SavClicks is everything they claim to be and more! I wish I would have started sooner with them as the performance and results I have been seeing have surpassed my expectations! Very honest staff with a ton of knowledge to back it up! Just signed up for a website revamp as well! Thank you SavClicks and team!

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