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Bonbonniere Boss, specializing in laser-engraved designs and cutting boards for any event, needed their first website to showcase their unique gifts and facilitate orders. We designed a visually appealing, user-friendly site where customers could explore various options and place orders easily. The new website significantly boosted their online presence and made it simple for customers to discover and purchase their custom designs.

With improved navigation and engaging visuals, Bonbonniere Boss saw a substantial increase in web traffic and customer inquiries, establishing them as a go-to source for personalized, memorable gifts. Their online debut was a game-changer for their business.

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Client Objective

Bonbonniere Boss needed their first website to showcase products and facilitate online orders.

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We built a user-friendly, visually appealing site on Shopify to display their offerings and enable easy purchasing.

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Bonbonniere Boss saw increased web traffic and customer inquiries, boosting sales and enhancing their online presence.


Working with Bonbonniere Boss brought unique challenges. First, we were stepping out of our usual niche of home service professionals, requiring us to adapt our strategies for a product-focused business. Second, we needed to install an application that allowed customers to preview their laser engravings before purchasing, which was technically challenging.

Despite these hurdles, we successfully created an intuitive and appealing Shopify website. This site not only showcased their custom cutting boards but also included the engraving preview feature, enhancing the customer experience. Our flexibility and technical skills ensured Bonbonniere Boss had a strong online debut.

Interesting Takeaways

The Bonbonniere Boss project taught us that any project is achievable with the right team and collaboration. Stepping outside our usual niche showed us the value of flexibility and adaptability. The owner, Alessio's deep understanding of his business was crucial, allowing us to bring his vision to life. His insights helped us design a site that truly reflected the uniqueness of his products. This experience reinforced the importance of client collaboration and effective communication. No matter the industry, with a clear vision and a dedicated team, creating a successful online presence is always possible.


The results for Bonbonniere Boss were outstanding. With the new Shopify website, they saw a significant boost in web traffic and customer inquiries. The intuitive design and engraving preview feature made it easy for customers to explore and order custom cutting boards. The design of the website also enhanced the overall brand.

This enhanced online presence led to a surge in sales and helped Bonbonniere Boss book numerous events for the summer. The website effectively showcased their unique products, attracting more customers and increasing their market reach. Overall, the project was a huge success, providing Bonbonniere Boss with a strong digital platform to grow their business.

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Bonbonniere Boss

Our experience with Savclicks has been nothing short of exceptional! Sav truly brought our business to new heights by creating the perfect website that perfectly encapsulated our vision. From the initial consultation to the final product, Sav's dedication and expertise were evident every step of the way. What sets Sav apart is his openness to incorporating additional features seamlessly into the website. He didn't just meet our expectations; he exceeded them by going above and beyond to ensure our website not only looked fantastic but also functioned flawlessly. Sav's commitment to excellence is truly commendable.

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