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Groupe Baronello, a leading real estate group in Montreal, came to us to amp up their digital presence with SEO and lead generation. We kicked off with a solid SEO strategy to boost their search engine rankings, making it easier for potential clients to find their listings. Alongside, we launched targeted lead generation campaigns to reel in high-quality inquiries. The results? A big jump in website traffic and a surge in qualified leads. By boosting their online visibility and connecting them with more potential buyers, Groupe Baronello strengthened their spot as a top real estate group in Montreal and drove more property sales.

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Client Objective

Groupe Baronello aimed to increase their online visibility and attract more qualified real estate leads.

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We implemented a robust SEO strategy and targeted lead generation campaigns to improve search rankings and attract high-quality inquiries.

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Groupe Baronello saw a significant increase in website traffic and qualified leads, boosting their property sales and market presence.


Working with Groupe Baronello brought its share of challenges. Advertising real estate on Facebook comes with strict targeting limitations due to regulations, making it tough to reach the right audience. We had to get creative with our ad strategies, focusing on compelling content and eye-catching visuals to attract potential buyers. Additionally, the competitive real estate market in Montreal meant our SEO efforts had to be top-notch to stand out.

We conducted thorough keyword research and continuously optimized our approach. Despite these hurdles, we successfully boosted Groupe Baronello's online visibility and generated high-quality leads, ultimately helping them secure more property sales.

Interesting Takeaways

One key takeaway from working with Groupe Baronello was the importance of having a solid foundation. Their established reputation and quality properties made our job easier, despite the limitations in Facebook targeting for real estate ads. With a strong base, our SEO strategies had a greater impact, quickly boosting their search rankings. We also learned that creative ad content could effectively attract potential buyers even without detailed targeting.

This project reinforced the idea that when a company already has a strong presence and reputation, enhancing their digital marketing efforts becomes significantly more effective and can lead to impressive results.


The results for Groupe Baronello were fantastic. Our SEO work quickly boosted their search engine rankings, making it easier for clients to find their listings. Despite the tight rules around Facebook ad targeting, our creative strategies brought in a surge of high-quality leads. Website traffic soared, and they saw a significant uptick in property inquiries and sales. This project showed that with a solid foundation, even strict advertising limitations can’t hold you back.

Groupe Baronello strengthened their spot as a top real estate group in Montreal, and we helped them connect with more buyers and close more deals.

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