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Groupe LKG, a leading private label packaging company in Montreal, teamed up with us to amp up their online presence and generate more leads. We kicked off with a solid SEO strategy to boost their search rankings and make them more visible to potential clients. Alongside, we ran targeted lead generation campaigns to attract quality inquiries.

The results were great—Groupe LKG saw a big jump in website traffic and client inquiries. Our work helped them stand out in the busy packaging industry and connect with more businesses needing their awesome packaging solutions.

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Client Objective

Groupe LKG aimed to enhance their online visibility and attract more high-quality client inquiries.

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We implemented a robust SEO strategy and targeted lead generation campaigns to improve search rankings and attract potential clients.

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Groupe LKG saw increased website traffic and client inquiries, strengthening their position in the packaging industry.


There aren't many high search volume keywords for private labeling in Montreal, but we made sure to capitalize on those that exist. Creating compelling ads for a straightforward product like packaging can be tricky, but we used Groupe LKG's excellent reviews, social proof, and examples of their work for other companies to craft engaging advertisements.

This approach helped us attract quality leads and showcase their expertise effectively.

Interesting Takeaways

Working on this project taught us that a product doesn't need to be visually flashy to succeed in lead generation and Facebook ads. By leveraging social proof and showcasing past work, you can highlight your expertise and achieve great results. This approach proved effective in attracting quality leads and demonstrating Groupe LKG's capabilities.


The results for Groupe LKG were outstanding. Our SEO efforts led to a 50% increase in their website traffic, making them more visible to potential clients searching for private label packaging solutions. The targeted lead generation campaigns were highly effective, resulting in a 100%!! boost in high-quality inquiries.

By leveraging their excellent reviews and showcasing their past work in compelling ads, we managed to attract significant attention and convert leads into clients. Overall, Groupe LKG saw a notable improvement in their online presence and client acquisition, solidifying their position as a leader in the Montreal packaging industry.

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Groupe LKG

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