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Paysagement MDM, an excavation and landscaping company in Montreal, enlisted our help to revamp their brand identity and establish a strong online presence. We designed a modern, eye-catching logo that reflects their expertise and professionalism. Alongside the logo, we built a user-friendly, visually appealing website to showcase their wide range of services. This new, yet simple, site made it easy for potential clients to learn about their offerings and get in touch.

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Client Objective

Paysagement MDM wanted to enhance their brand identity and establish a strong online presence.

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We designed a modern logo and built a simple, user-friendly website to showcase their services.

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Paysagement MDM saw increased brand visibility, credibility, and client inquiries, strengthening their market position.


Working with Paysagement MDM came with its challenges. Initially, the client was hesitant to invest in marketing, which meant we had to work with a limited budget. Building their trust was crucial, so we focused on delivering high-quality work within those constraints. Designing a modern logo and a simple, user-friendly website on a tight budget required creativity and efficiency.

Despite the financial limitations, we managed to create a strong brand identity and an effective online presence. As the client saw the positive results and increased inquiries, they gained confidence in our approach, proving that strategic marketing investments can yield significant returns.

Interesting Takeaways

The Paysagement MDM project highlighted the importance of communication, honesty, and transparency. Despite working with a limited budget due to initial client hesitance, we were able to deliver a strong brand identity and effective online presence. Open and clear communication helped us understand the client's needs and build trust. Being honest about what could be achieved with the available resources ensured realistic expectations.

This project proved that with a transparent approach and strong client collaboration, it's possible to achieve impressive results even on a tight budget. These elements were crucial in transforming Paysagement MDM's brand and boosting their market presence.


The results for Paysagement MDM were impressive. The new logo and simple, user-friendly website significantly boosted their brand visibility and credibility. They saw a noticeable increase in client inquiries soon after the launch. Despite the initial budget constraints, the project proved successful, enhancing their online presence and solidifying their market position.

This experience showed that even with limited resources, effective communication and a strategic approach can lead to great outcomes.

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Paysagement MDM

Nous sommes très satisfait du service tout à été simple et facile, nous avons un bon suivi à chaque nouvelle étape merci beaucoup Savclicks!

Michel Desriviers
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