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GP Move



In response to GP Move's desire to shift from paid advertising to organic search results, our SEO/Web design agency, SavClicks, embarked on a thorough and strategic journey to enhance their online presence. Recognizing their frustration with spending on paid campaigns, we aimed to establish a strong organic foundation. Leveraging our deep understanding of SEO, we devised a multi-faceted approach.

The Problem

Plain and simple, GP Move wanted to start seeing some organic search results. They were fed up of spending countless dollars on paid advertising, and knew they wanted to focus more on an organic approach. They were aware that they had great reviews on Google (100+ , 5 star reviews) and wanted to capitalize on the local search for several different areas on and off the island of Montreal. How to start? What to do? It was all so overwhelming for them, understandably so - which is why they came to us to help elevate their google rankings.

Paid Ad Frustration: GP Move was feeling the financial burn from their continuous investment in paid advertising

Overwhelmed Optimization: GP Move had the reviews, the motivation, but not the roadmap. They were left pondering where to even begin in the grand SEO adventure

Local Search Labyrinth: With the desire to conquer various locations around Montreal, GP Move found themselves lost in the labyrinth of local search optimization

The Solution

We needed to expertly tackled the challenges faced by GP Move by seamlessly transitioning them from paid advertising to a meticulously planned organic approach. We needed to harness the immense potential of local SEO by optimizing their Google My Business profiles and leveraging their stellar reviews for maximum impact.

Our strategic content creation strategy would not only highlight their industry expertise but also attracted organic traffic by effectively addressing common search queries. Through backlink initiatives, we decided to solidify their authority in the field, while our technical optimizations of their website, coupled with ongoing data-driven analysis, would ensure a flawless user experience and the continuous fine-tuning of strategies for optimal results.

Our proficiency and collaborative efforts would not only propel GP Move's Google rankings but will also lay a foundation for them to excel in the realm of organic search.

Local SEO Domination: Recognizing the importance of local searches, we needed to optimize GP Move's Google My Business profile to its fullest potential

Transition from Paid to Organic: We needed to guide GP Move through the process of shifting their focus from paid advertising to organic search results. This involves meticulous keyword research and optimization to ensure their website would show up in relevant search queries without relying on paid campaigns.

Strategic Content Creation: By developing a content strategy that targets GP Move's key services and areas of expertise, we will help them create valuable blog posts and landing pages.

The Result

Our efforts yielded remarkable results for GP Move. Through our transition from paid advertising to a strategic organic approach, their website's visibility saw a significant boost in search engine rankings. Leveraging the potential of local SEO, their Google My Business profiles became powerful tools for attracting local clientele, leading to an impressive increase in online engagement and inquiries. Our content strategy not only showcased their expertise but also attracted a steady stream of organic traffic, contributing to a notable uptick in website visitors. The implementation of high-quality backlinks from authoritative sources not only enhanced their industry reputation but also played a crucial role in improving their overall search visibility. Technical optimizations and ongoing analysis ensured a seamless user experience, resulting in higher user engagement and longer site visits. In the end, our dedicated efforts translated into tangible success – GP Move's online presence grew stronger, their organic search results flourished, and their digital marketing approach became a model for sustainable growth and visibility.

Search Results

gp move seo results after only 1 month
GP move results after only a month

Local SEO Results

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local seo results gp move
local seo results gpm
list of kw gp move ranks for, locally

Local SEO King: In their targeted areas, GP Move is now the king of SEO and ranking first for all local search terms

Thousands Saved & Earned: Not only did these rankings save GP Move a ton of money on paid ads, but it made them a ton of money as well due to more people visiting their site then ever before

Enhanced Reputation: Strategic backlink building bolstered their industry reputation and contributed to an evident enhancement in overall search visibility.

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