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In massive need of a brand revamp, Green Lead came to us in desperate times. We made sure to accommodate all their needs, and made sure that they were content throughout the entire process. They were a class act and an absolute pleasure to work with.

The Problem

Green Lead was in desperate need of a revamp from a branding perspective. They needed to demonstrate a green and an environmentally friendly tone in their branding. Being a green company and all for innovation, they felt as though their previous brand identity wasn't portraying who they were. Their old logo and branding was becoming stale, and they wanted a refresh. That's when we pop in.

Stationary for green lead branding work

Needed a complete branding revamp.

Needed to demonstrate more environmentally friendly tone.

Needed to implement green + portray to clients who they were.

The Solution

The solution was simple. We decided to start with the logo. We went with something basic yet powerful and fitting for what they are trying to achieve.

They wanted to make sure we put an emphasis on being simple, yet effective. The logo speaks volumes towards that. There were a few variations of the logo which also suited their needs, you can find the variations in the branding book we made for Green Lead.

We decided on "Poppins" as their font, as it is a simple and common yet effective font.

For colors, we made sure to make Green their primary color, with blue and white serving as an accent.

We focused their tone around sustainability, confidence and optimism. We conveyed a message that was truthful and clear for the goals Green Lead was trying to achieve.

Finally, we created some mock stationary kits as well as a branding booklet which you can find here.

logo design montreal green lead

Redesigned their logo with their goals in mind.

Created a mission, tone of voice and vision that aligned with their business.

Decided on colours, typography and stationary that speaks to their audience.

The Result

Once we were done with the project, Green Lead was handed a brand new, high quality brand identity. They were extremely pleased with how the entire process flowed. From their logo to their tone of voice, everything was aligned with their business and target audience. The new brand identity was exactly what they were looking for.

stationary design montreal green lead

New brand identity inline with what they were looking for.

Green was the point of emphasis, and was successfully delivered.

A great foundation to move forward with.

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