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Imagineers Studio



We had the pleasure of working with Imagineers Studio, who was in dire need of a fresh logo and a new brand identity. We got to work right away, and they couldn't have been happier with the final result.

The Problem

Imagineers Studio came to us with a specific goal in mind. A new identity. They wanted a new voice, a new logo, a new identity. For us, this was a challenge we were eager to take on because we truly enjoy building a story with our client. They wanted a new identity that would truly explain to their target audience who they were. They are a place where imaginative minds can collaborate and achieve excellence, and we had to demonstrate that with their new look and feel.

imagineers logo process

Needed a brand new, creative identity.

Needed to talk to their target audience, of creative minds.

They wanted a completely new look and feel to their brand.

The Solution

We began with the logo. We designed something that was sure to stick in the minds of like-minded, creative individuals.

They wanted to make sure we put an emphasis on a creative, yet effective logo. The logo speaks for itself. There were a few variations of the logo which also suited their needs, you can find the variations in the branding book we made for Imagineers Studio.

We decided on "Helvetica Neue" as their font, as it is a sleek and creative font, used by many.

For colors, we went with red, blue and grey.

We designed their tone to match their goals, which is to become the go to creative agency for their niche.

Finally, we created some mock stationary and social media kits, as well as a branding booklet which you can find here.

logo on backgrounds

New logo, colours and typography.

A sleek design with a creative touch.

A creative branding kit that was designed to last decades.

The Result

Once we were done with the project, Imagineers Studio was handed a brand new identity, just as they wanted. They were extremely pleased with how the entire process flowed, and even more pleased with the final results. Everything was aligned with their business and target audience. The new brand identity was built for creative minds, and that is exactly what they were looking for when they reached out to us.

Successfully achieved their new identity goals.

Their new identity was built with creative minds in-mind.

They left the project feeling fulfilled and happy for putting their trust in us!

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