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Kesté Pizzeria

Web Design / Development


The client, Kesté Pizzeria, an authentic Neapolitan-style pizzeria located in Montreal, approached us with the objective of redesigning their website to elevate their online presence, attract more customers, and provide a seamless user experience that captures the essence of their artisanal pizzas.

The Problem

Before partnering with us as their web designer, Kesté Pizzeria encountered a range of challenges and issues that hindered their online presence and customer experience. Firstly, their existing website lacked a visually appealing design that failed to reflect the inviting atmosphere and quality of their Neapolitan-style pizzas. Additionally, the website's navigation was cumbersome, making it difficult for visitors to explore the menu and place online orders effortlessly. Lastly, the lack of mobile optimization limited their reach and accessibility to customers on smartphones and tablets.

Outdated and unappealing website design that didn't match the quality of their pizzas.

Inefficient navigation system leading to a poor user experience and difficulty in placing online orders.

Lack of mobile optimization, resulting in limited accessibility for customers on mobile devices.

The Solution

We implemented a range of effective solutions to address the challenges faced by Kesté Pizzeria. Firstly, we crafted a visually captivating and modern website design that showcased the vibrant colors, delicious pizzas, and inviting ambiance of the pizzeria, creating an immersive online experience. Secondly, we optimized the website's navigation by implementing a user-friendly interface, intuitive menu structure, and streamlined online ordering process, allowing customers to easily explore the menu and place orders/catering reservations with just a few clicks. Lastly, we ensured seamless mobile responsiveness, making the website fully accessible and functional across various devices, empowering customers to order their favorite Neapolitan-style pizzas from anywhere.

Revamped and visually captivating website design reflecting the pizzeria's vibrant ambiance and quality of their pizzas.

Improved navigation system with an intuitive interface and streamlined online ordering process.

Ensured full mobile responsiveness, enabling customers to access and order from the website on any device.

The Result

Following the launch of the redesigned website, Kesté Pizzeria experienced remarkable results that significantly impacted their online presence and customer engagement. The visually captivating design and enhanced user experience led to a substantial increase in website traffic, attracting a larger audience of pizza enthusiasts and generating heightened brand awareness. The streamlined online ordering process facilitated an uptick in online sales, boosting revenue and customer satisfaction. Moreover, the mobile responsiveness of the website expanded their reach to a wider range of customers, resulting in increased orders from mobile users.

Significant increase in website traffic and expanded audience reach.

Boosted online sales and revenue through a streamlined online ordering and catering process.

Enhanced customer satisfaction and engagement, particularly among mobile users.

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